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Midwest Savings Network is an Insurance Brokerage Specializing in Medicare Supplements and Final Expense.

“We have partnered with over 25 different companies which allows us to “shop the market” for our clients and provided them the best plans at the best rates.”

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Did you know all Medicare Supplement Plans are Standardized.  This simply means a Plan F with one company is the same Plan F with another company. The benefits of each plan are identical from company to company….It’s the Law!

See what all these companies don’t want you to know is the only difference is PRICE!

In a time when most seniors are living on a fixed income it only makes sense to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep dollars in their own pocket.

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Final Expense Insurance Plans are designed to pay any outstanding bills that your loved ones will be faced with after your death including Funeral and Burial cost.   Funerals rank among the Top 5 most Expensive Purchases a family will ever have to make.  Many funerals run well over $10,000.

Many Final Expense Plans are:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Qualify
  • No Medical Exams
  • Level Premium

Make the Smart Choice, Choose Final Expense!

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Many Seniors realize that overall good health starts with Preventative Care, especially with Dental, Vision, and Hearing.  But unfortunately Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans DO NOT provide coverage for these expenses. 

However we have an Affordable Plan that combines all 3 into 1 plan and has NO NETWORKS.

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In a time when most Seniors are living on a fixed income it only makes sense to make sure they are doing evertything they can to keep dollars in their own pocket.

The Biggest Mistake That Most Seniors Make When It Comes To Their Supplement is OVER PAYMENT!

Did You Know That Final Expense Plans Can Be EASILY & SAFELY Purchased Over The Phone! There Is No Need For An Agent To Come Out And Visit.


I am from a small midwest town located about an hour outside of St. Louis. I didn’t grow up dreaming to work in the Senior market, matter of fact I was a really good stand out in baseball and actually had hopes of making a career out of the sport. But while I was in college I ran into the ultimate ball killer……My Wife….!  So long story short I became a police officer.  During my 10 year career I got the opportunity to become the community policing officer. As the Community Policing Officer one of my responsibilities was to serve the Senior Population. I did this through talks that I would give to groups about scams in the mail, home improvement rip offs. I handled most of the cases that dealt with Financial Exploitation and Elder Abuse. It was a job that I really liked and enjoyed. When I decided to leave law enforcement I knew I still wanted to help serve and protect families especially those families of Seniors.  That is when I discovered the Senior market of Medicare Supplements and Final Expense.  With so much confusing information being bombarded at Seniors, my police instinct just kicked in and I knew I had to help. This is how Midwest Savings Network got started.

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